Projects and conferences

At present, the DW is involved in project 0060/NPRH7/H11/86/2018 Regional thematic dictionaries of the language spoken in Wielkopolska, Gniezno and Konin counties. The goal of the project is to collect lexical material from central Wielkopolska (Gniezno county) and eastern Wielkopolska (Konin county), followed by compiling dictionaries due to the unsatisfactory state of development of Wielkopolska vocabulary. The obtained materials pertain to traditional activities performed by farmers and their wives. Due to the changing linguistic situation in rural areas, not only a subdialect is spoken there and, consequently, the research covers also the general, casual, regional and specialist Polish language. The goal is to present the linguistic situation in its entirety, without distortions resulting from narrowing down the view only to differential vocabulary.

What is more, since 2014, every two years the DW has organised a conference The language in a region – a region in the language on (contemporary and historical) dialectology, language teaching, the history of language, lexicology and lexicography, onomastics, language policy, sociolinguistics and other relations between language and a region. The speeches are published in reviewed volumes as part of The language in a region – a region in the language series.