Prof. Jerzy Sierociuk, Ph.D.

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Professor Jerzy Sierociuk, Ph. D., a retired employee of the Poznań University (UAM). His major interests include dialectology, with the emphasis placed on word formation in Polish subdialects against the Slavic background (including the vocabulary of Wielkopolska and Polish subdialects) and the language of the Polish folklore against the Slavic background. He studied at the UMCS in Lublin where he defended his doctoral thesis (published as Pieśń ludowa i gwara (Folk songs and a subdialect) 1990, and his habilitation dissertation Budowa wybranych formacji rzeczownikowych – szczególnie nazw miejsc – w gwarach między Wisłą a Wieprzem (The structure of selected noun formations, especially names of places, in subdialects spoken between the Vistula and the River Wieprz) 1996.
Since 1996, an academic teacher at the Poznań University (UAM); a former manager of the Unit of Polish Dialectology at UAM (2002 -2009) and the Dialectology Workshop at UAM (2009 – 2020).


Member of the Word-formation Committee at the International Committee of Slavists, organiser and chairman of the Dialectology Committee at the International Committee of Slavists. Participant of numerous dialectological conferences and congresses dedicated to Slavic word-formation organised abroad. Since 1999, organiser of international conferences and, since 2001, in charge of an editorial series “Gwary Dziś”, later on transformed into online annals dedicated to Slavic dialectology (editor in chief). Co-editor of dictionaries from the series “Wielkopolskie Słowniki Regionalne” (“Wielkopolska Regional Dictionaries”). Author of numerous foreign publications on the functioning of subdialects and their word-formation structure, co-author of a multimedia guide Gwary Polskie (Polish Subdialects) (part: Wielkopolska subdialects).